Anime Expo 2012 Report [Part 1: Day 0]

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Jul 102012


“Anime Expo 2012” is a light-hearted series that definitely draws inspiration from the likes of Genshiken, Comic Party, and the classic “Otaku no Video.” The plot is centered around slice-of-life segments strung together under the unifying banner of subcultural context. With heart-warming moments aplenty, exceptional concert scenes and even some nailbiting-action sequences, it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Pacing was a bit rushed at times, and it sometimes felt as if there were too many new characters being introduced without adequate opportunity for development.

Nonetheless, one can hardly fault the director for being ambitious– as a package, everything fits together nicely. Sound was generally pleasing throughout. Animation was done in a very realistic, almost three-dimensional style, which really contributed to the […]

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