K-ON! Movie “Bonus Filmstrip” Upload Summary!

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Dec 062011

This is a translation and gallery post of part of a thread from 2ch that was summarized here (via Houkago Anime Time). There were a ton of comments, so I just translated the main ones.

People posted (somewhat poorly taken) pictures of bonus filmstrips that they got from seeing the K-ON! Movie 3 times or more. Naturally these strips are all raw cuts of movie film, so there are plenty of shots from the movie! In theory, if enough people gather their pieces together and arrange them accordingly, they’ll be able to recreate a silent film! :D

I’d recommend just waiting for the BDs though.

K-ON! Movie SPOILERS after the break–>


Spoilers beyond this point~※フィルムネタバレ注意















Sorry mates. This teacher’s mine.

Goin’ on a trip.

“Your first shot looks like that?? Live on, bro.”

“Ouch, poor you.”

“That one’s unfortunate.”

“Horigome-sensei wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”

“Sawako’s high school thighs!”


“Man, you got those mob (side) characters, so it’s a victory isn’t it?”

“Mob characters filmstrip!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Ohh! I’m too jealous!”

“Wait, it’s possible to get scenes with no characters in them!?!?”


The 3rd one with the legs is pretty terrible.
I opened my friend’s too.
I accidentally got a fingerprint on it.

“The 2nd one is pretty much a winner, right?”

“Man, I’d say you really lucked out www”

“Ohh, not bad.”

“Basically pretty sweet, ain’t it?”

“I definitely don’t want to be your friend.”

“You’ll get a nice gut-punch from your pal.”


Let me get straight to the point.

YuiAzu, sleeping on the plane.
When I get home, I’ll scan it for ya.


“Man I’m sooo jealous.”



This one’s at least bright enough, so like…

The other ones were too dark so it was impossible.

“Ohh! Nice nice nice nice!”

“To get a scene change one is definitely wonderful.”

“2 scenes! Great!”

All from the same classroom concert scene.
Well, no complaints here.



AzuYui! YES!

Well, here we go. Plus 4 more after this.

I should probably trade these off.

Got this one, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

 Smartphone pic, sorry.

Nodoka and so on.

I only looked at the top-half, and it was meh.

But when I got home, seems I lucked out.


Classroom concert.

Great success. At this rate the filmstrips are gonna run out soon.
We’ll be left with ton-chan strips at the end.


Nodoka’s precious scene! YES!


Got this just before lunch in Nishimiya. What shall we make of this.

Got a filmstrip! Taking pictures is too hard lol

I’m glad I got one with everyone.

This has Azunyan written on it, so it’s ok right?


London concert.

Got a filmstrip.

I’m glad it wasn’t a background scene-
Hey wait, there are background strips too?

I suck at taking photos, sorry orz

YuiAzu, not bad eh?


Hey all, just dropping by.

Love Crisis huh …a rare mob?

Well, it’s got all the members…at least.

There’s not much of a point but I’ll u/l this anyways.

Eizan Electric Railway’s Dekimachiyanagi (Station)

I got these during the daytime.

Dunno how good these are but here you go.



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