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Last night, I conducted an informal and clearly unscientific poll on Twitter. There were 31 responses.
Thanks to everyone who participated! For those of you who want in on the fun next time, feel free to follow me! Twitter: @blitzwingjp

Question: “Who is your favorite character in Madoka Magica?”


5th Place: (1 vote ea.)

Urobuchi_gen_01 Long_pic_junko_awesome_anime_ep

37c5bd1db7bfa5c263b68ba847e1101a povertychan

A 5-way tie between:
Madoka’s Mother (1 vote)
Tomoe Mami (1 vote)
Satan (??) (1 vote)
Poverty-chan (1 vote)
Urobuchi Gen (1 vote)

Not sure what to make of this. Junko was a pretty cool character, and a nice role-model. I think all the Mami fans were asleep when I posted the poll. Satan == QB? :V Poverty-chan has a surprisingly large following apparently. And as for Urobuchi:

Tinky III @tinkylalligator
he /is/ the show www

You heard it here first folks.

4th Place: Kaname Madoka (3 votes)


Kyosuke @‏MadoHomuMagica
Madoka, she actually is a thinker and just has a sense of doing what’s right.

ダメダメ蛋撻‏ @shinikenshi
There was a certain appeal to her… can’t quite put my finger on it. I guess I enjoyed how she developed as a character. […] Or maybe I just have a soft spot for sad girls and their personal tragedies orz

3rd Place: Miki Sayaka (4 votes)


Ryu Hikaru @Ryuuseitama
Sayaka, Hero of Justice!

2nd Place: Sakura Kyoko (7 votes)


Alex Strange @astrange_e
I think she’s the most sensible character and (relatively) isn’t strung along by the plot.

1st Place: Akemi Homura (12 votes)


Furinkan @furinkan
Homu-homu; she pushes my exploitation-buttons, and the fan material is funny as hell.

Vic Viper T-301 @aoba_anoa
Homura because she was basically Rika from Higurashi meets the Terminator.

Ok, so Homuhomu is definitely popular. In fact, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who actively dislikes her. What can we conclude from all this? Not all that much, due to the small sample size. The one surprise for me was that I had so many Sayaka fans on my timeline!

My personal ranking? I do like all the characters, but if I had to order them:

Kyoko ≥ Sayaka > Homura Madoka > Mami

Kyoko is a girl who knows what she wants, and won’t let anything get in her way. She’s got attitude and a sharp blade. She can sit around eating all day, and never get fat. And yet as we delve deeper into the story, we find that these things came at the cost of her ideals and what she used to be. Despite this she sees her former self in Sayaka and grows close to her, only to have her world turned upside-down once again. Refusing to give up hope, she fights to the bitter end. Tragic, but I love her all the more for it.


Homura and Madoka also have a very touching story. Mami …s’ok. As a whole though, I guess I’m not *really* into the onee-chan aura that she gives off. Unlimited Musket Works is pretty awesome though, I must admit. And in the context of  マミあん (aka Mami x Kyoko), her personality is fine by me ( ‘-‘)b After all, deep down inside, I think Kyoko just wants to be taken care of. Ahh, that gap moe. Simple but deadly.

Well, I hope to run more surveys in the future, maybe on MAL! By the way, this Japanese poll ranked 3. Kyoko, 2. Madoka, 1. Homura.

What do you think? Who’s your favorite character from Madoka Magica? Leave a comment below and the reason why QB is your waifu they’re your favorite!

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