K-ON! Movie ED – Singing! Muttan Guitar Cover

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Mar 022012

I tried playing Singing! from K-ON! on muttan (MG69 OCR MH) azunyan prpr~ Backdating for posterity’s sake.


Dec 092011

This is a translation of a Toyosaki Aki and Taketatsu Ayana interview from Animedia Dec 2011. The dynamic duo behind YuiAzu really shine in the K-ON! Movie, and quite frankly, I can’t get enough! Get the latest scoop and some insight and impressions on the movie from Yui and Azunyan after the break!

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K-ON! Movie “Bonus Filmstrip” Upload Summary!

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Dec 062011

This is a translation and gallery post of part of a thread from 2ch that was summarized here (via Houkago Anime Time). There were a ton of comments, so I just translated the main ones.

People posted (somewhat poorly taken) pictures of bonus filmstrips that they got from seeing the K-ON! Movie 3 times or more. Naturally these strips are all raw cuts of movie film, so there are plenty of shots from the movie! In theory, if enough people gather their pieces together and arrange them accordingly, they’ll be able to recreate a silent film! :D

I’d recommend just waiting for the BDs though.

K-ON! Movie SPOILERS after the break–>


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K-ON! Movie Impressions and Review (Spoiler-free!)

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Dec 052011

The K-ON! Movie has finally opened in Japan! I’m a big Azunyan fan and adore K-ON!, so, armed with great expectations and a bottle of Mugi endorsed 午後の紅茶 (Afternoon Tea), I set off for the local cinema with a friend! Sadly the limited edition tickets were all gone, but we snagged tickets for the late-night show at 1200 JPY a piece (about $15 USD).

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